Monday, July 09, 2012

Science publishes two reports that contradict the 'arsenic life' story

This is a short follow-up post about the bacteria from Mono lake (California) that allegedly incorporate arsenic instead of phosphorus in their DNA

The journal Science just published two papers on the topic. The first report is from Rosie Redfield's lab in Canada, the second from Julia Vorholt's lab in Switzerland. Together, they claim that the arsenic bacteria in fact must have some phosphate to grow, and that arsenic is not incorporated into DNAthus refuting the main conclusions of the original arsenic bacteria paper.

I only read the abstracts so far, but at first sight it seems to bury the arsenic story for good... It's not that often that we see researchers repeating someone's experiment to challenge it, so Redfield and Vorholt should be praised for the effort. 

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